If you want to produce your own electric energy for your company our company is able to provide a 360° service. This ability to produce electric energy independently brings considerable advantages to a company. Energetic independence is one of the best methods for demonstrating how a system based on its own production can be more profitable than larger infrastructures.

Autoproduzione - Gruppi elettrogeni Perin

We provide companies who want to follow the path of self-production with the following support services:

  • installation of a certified and tested UTF meter. UTF (technical finance offices) certify the meters (water, electricity, etc.) in general connected to tax payments
  • tax exemption procedures, that make it possible to purchase tax exempt diesel at about half the price of the normal cost. Diesel tax exemption can be requested by all companies who use fixed and/or self-propelled machine, such as those used in construction, mining, manufacturing, etc.
  • bureaucratic aspects inherent to managing the procedure also while using the plant. We will take care of the bureaucratic aspects, with particular attention to the regulations and procedural forms that refer to your business
  • fire fighting prevention procedure
  • supply of fuel free at destination

This procedure is valid all over Italy and can be obtained within a period of a few weeks.