Who we are

Sede Perin generatori elettrogeniOur company was founded by Mr. Perin Diotisalvi: our small craft produced generating sets, motor welders and motor pumps. In the space of few years, the company developped and specialized in planning and building generatig sets of ever-bigger powers. With the passing of time, the small craft became an important and well-known industrial reality with thousands of installations all over the world.

At present, the company has got an annual production of about 3000 generating sets whose range covers small and big powers, from 2 up to 12.000 KW. Our production is placed in three factories of our property in Europe, which are divided up by the type of their products and controlled directly by the Italian factory where special generating sets are built according to customer’s order. In Italy there’s besides our engineering staff, the supply and transport department for customer service all over the world and the sales department, which is further divided into six big geographic areas.

Sede Perin generatori elettriciAll the components which are needed to build our products are studied, planned and tested internally. 80% of the necessary components, apart from the engine and the alternator, is internally produced in specific departments, whereas the remaining part is ordered to trustworthy companies our staff selected.

The direct relationship with engine and alternator producers allows a close technical/business cooperation which enables us to have specifically designed products for the uses we require. The experience and the professional competence of our staff has made it possible to supply generating sets which have no rivals in the world for their quality, performances and competitivity. The technical evolution of every single component is now designed and projected together with the most prestigious engine and alternator producers, by strengthening the prestige of our company all over the world.

Sede Perin generatoriWe have been concluding special supply and transport agreements with the engine and alternator producers in the three countries where we have productive branches, that is to say that our warehouses are also used for stocking components for other producers in this field. The high volume of material we manage allows us to offer a bigger availability of components and, in this way, we can satisfy the highest number of requests whith quick delivery times which would be otherwise impossible. At present, we can supply generating sets from 2 up to 1800 KVA in 8 working days at the latest, excluding exceptional cases, obviously.

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