The power you need, any time and anywhere.

Perin generators Noleggio

With more than 300 electric generating sets available in our rental fleet, we offer a wide range of solutions and flexibility to the international market.

With electric generating set that range between 15 and 3000KW (silenced), we cover the majority of requirements for the industrial, entertainment, marine, military and construction fields. The majority of the machines are equipped with electronic regulators for superior output quality, they are super silenced and recently manufactured, for constant reliability and efficient consumption. From 300KW and higher, many units are equipped with special panels for parallel networks or between electric generating sets in order to create more powerful power stations or to provide no break solutions for extremely important systems such as for events, hospitals and important production processes.

We also offer solutions with supplementary tanks to guarantee a high level of autonomy, special voltages and frequencies, transformers, resistive loads and power cables for the connections.

Logistics are managed by our in-house division with more than 10 vehicles to respond quickly to your various needs. We have vehicles with cranes up to 300 quintals and specialised technicians to start-up the machines where required.